Uncover baseline transport performance and drive positive change.

3T's EVENT platform is a cloud-based transport management system that enables you to centrally manage your end-to-end transport process. EVENT provides SKU-level data and visibility of your entire transport enabling you to benchmark and improve your operation with certainty. 

3T's EVENT platform is an end-to-end transport platform that gives you the power to benchmark your transport performance and drive positive change.

From load planning and scheduling through to allocation, tracking, payment and analysis 3T’s EVENT platform enables central management and measurement of the entire transport process.

EVENT captures granular SKU-level data at each transport stage allowing you to benchmark your operations performance and understand what a good, bad or ugly average day really looks like for your business!

Through the provision of accurate, real-time data you and your team have the insights and knowledge to make informed decisions. Complimented by the tools within the system you have the ability to implement bespoke processes to ensure maximum efficiency, cost and service control for your operation. 

Introducing EVENT 

EVENT was developed around three core pillars. 

Automation. Optimisation. Information.

Logistics Software, Built by Logisticians.

At 3T Logistics & Technology Group, we have built and deployed software into real world logistics environments for 20+ years.

We have an intrinsic understanding of the industry and the challenges that you face. That's why we developed our EVENT platform to combat challenges around: 

  • Rising transport costs
  • Poor vehicle utilisation
  • Data (cost-to-service/Co2) blind-spots
  • Reacting to operational constraints
  • Capacity resilience




The EVENT platform can automate most of the everyday transport processes which are time-consuming and error-prone. This allows your team to focus on delivering value to your business in other areas. 

The EVENT platform leverages AI and cloud technology to optimise millions of complex logistics scenarios in seconds.  The system ensures that routes are optimised and vehicles are utilised to full capacity to minimise carrier cost and C02 emissions.

Every successful business needs real-time visibility of their transport operations to ensure they deliver an excellent customer experience. EVENT can provide granular SKU-level level data insights allowing teams to ask more "why" questions and challenge long held beliefs or constraints.

Don't just take our word for it... 


"Sauce of Great Satisfaction".

A year on from when Kraft Heinz moved its operations to 3T's EVENT Digital Transport Platform we look at the 'secret sauce' to its success. 

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